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A Nepal based professional journalist.

My name is Girija Prasad Adhikari. I am a professional journalist working as an editor or www.tukhabar.com. With 20 years experience as a professional journalist, I have worked in various media sectors including radio, television, newspaper and online news portal. I am former Central committee member of Nepal Press Union and member of international relation department of Federation of Nepali Journalist, Central Committee. I have received many national level awards including JANA SEWA SHREE, a presidential medal. I have also published some books. Itihas ra Laljha and 25 Prativad poetry collections, Makawanpure Media: History and Review, Media in Makawanpur and Bajjika Language and Media have been published. I have been writing opinions in the field of journalism and other contemporary issues are also being published in Nepali newspapers and online media.

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Girija Prasad Adhikari

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Email: g.hetauda@gmail.com